Use your empty maple syrup bottle as a decoration, add shells, dried flowers or use it as vase!! Repurposing glass bottles as decor is cheap and easy!

in a maple syrup jar!

How to flatten glass bottles to create serving trays, cutting boards, etc.

Reuse maple syrup bottles with an old wine cork very attractively for homemade salad dressing and other little gifts.

If you want to paint a wine glass, a glass vase, a mason jar, a glass block, a piece of sheet glass, a glass candle holder, the front of a mirror, a glass Christmas ornament, or other types of glass, there are certain steps to take in order for the paint to properly adhere. Follow the steps below in order to paint glass.

Maple Syrup Containers - Wash with warm soapy water and scrub off paper label. Dry. Use to store your favorite herbs; dried, vinaigrettes, medicinal tinctures, etc. ~~~Or make a special tea herbal or floral blend and store it dry and decorate bottle to give as a gift.~~~

Daffodils stained glass bottle with lights------ This is beautiful and it has daffodils!!

Maine Homemaker: Repurposed Maple Syrup Bottle Soap Dispenser

How To Make A Bottle Look Adorable

if only i could keep wine around love enough

Creative bottle cap crafts #recycle #bottlecaps

Repurposed Bottles and Jars DIY Decor and Organization projects for your home.



Repurpose wine and alcohol bottles for dried lavender, mixed with vintage bottles, very cheap way to decorate!

Vintage Bottle Blue Glass 1960s

Alcohol bottle turned soap dispenser

glow jars - cheap and easy

Twine Wrapped Bottles with Lace. Rustic Wedding Decor

Upcycled Wine Bottles

How to: Dye Clear Glass ANY Color (A New Technique).