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Love the colors

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faded jeans... Although I love "dressy" outfits for me, personally I'm a t-shirt and cute pair of jeans kinda girl

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Gummy Worm Dirt Cups sometimes known as: dirt cake chocolate pudding oreo cookies, crushed gummi worms (we hold a special place in our hearts for the sour ones) Fill each cup with desired amount of pudding, top with a worm or two, sprinkle some crumbled cookies on top and shock your guests with the deliciousness of an earth friendly dessert! my-style

Early Fall Outfit

Basic casual summer outfit. I have longer jean shorts (I'd never wear any that short) and scarves. I need a good semi fitted scoop neck to wear with skirts and shorts like this.

capri jeans, created by

Love this

very cute

Love this! #somebeachtan

skinnies tan ballet flats and scarf chic and casual plus comfy t-shirt for classic style

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Yellow Maxi Skirt, White Sleeveless tank, and Light Blue Jean Shirt (that does not fit - to tie up), sandals

Burberry Scarf