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  • Kylie Stewart

    Man-sized packed lunches: Smoked Chicken Sandwich and Tuna & Bell Pepper Pocket

  • Elena Cortez

    Brown bag lunch ideas for the husband to take to work

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healthy lunch ideas.. **Just a tool or foodspiration. It isn't perfect, but that's ok. :))

packed lunch ideas for men│man up your lunch │

  • Monica Morales

    LOL!!! OMG I can't stop laughing at the strawberry comment!

  • Julie Strømsvold

    Yeah, I also think it's weird that it had to be "manly" lunches... why not just lunch boxes for adults? Kind of disturbing that only one guy packs his own lunch as well. Of course I live in a country that is pretty gender neutral (not the US in other words), and I think most people would consider it weird if a man had his wife pack his lunch for him (on a regular basis). In return, being a housewife is considered weird and lazy too.

  • Monica Morales

    I pack my husbands lunch & it's because I choose too. He works very hard for us. I also have children who are in need of special services since they were born so I work from the home so I can take them to all their appointments & to school. Your comment is very uneducated & insulting.

  • Sarah Smith

    I don't have anything against packing lunches for a spouse (my dad works from home when he's not travelling and my mom works outside, so he often does for her when he's around). But the gendering of it is unnecessary.

  • Monica Morales

    Then so would be the articles on Pinterest that say "lunches for kids" "lunches for women" "lunches for vegans". Food is divided on TV. Look at the commercials for Campbell's chunky soup compared to progressive. Even the OP said she didn't mean to offend. If people are going to get offended over this article then they should be offended over everything else on pinterest, magazines & TV.

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7 Ways to Save Money on Packed Lunches -Tips for saving money on sack lunches that for kids taking a lunch box to school or adults packing a lunch for work.

organize a snack station that your kids can pick from to pack their lunches

  • Little Blessings

    What great idea and simple as well... And the kids can choose their snacks!!! Everyone happy !

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