Pictures to show behavior that is appropriate and behavior that is not.

Ultimate Packet of Behavior Management Visuals for Children with Autism product from The-Autism-Helper on

behavior plan

above the line behavior chart

Love this idea for behavior!

Teaching in Progress: Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again

Student behavior calendars. Students color each day's box with the color corresponding to where their clothespin is on the clip it up behavior chart. They take the calendars home daily (or weekly) so parents can monitor their progress.

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another version of clip chart behavior

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You have to love a behavior chart that isn't afraid to get a little SILLY every once and a while. I was CRACKING UP when I saw the "Something Stinks" level on this thing!!!

Classroom behavior chart.

encouragement in the classroom

Pencil fidgets. Fun AND they serve a purpose!

Choose a desired behavior and write it on the board. Select a stick, but don't reveal the name to the class. Throughout the lesson, periodically monitor the named student for the desired behavior. If he achieves the goal behavior, reveal his identity and reward him with a special classroom incentive. If the named student doesn't demonstrate the behavior, do not name the student, tell the class that there was not a winner this time. Choose another mystery student and repeat the process.

New Classroom Ideas

Sliding Into Second Grade- Classroom Job Cards

behavioral systems


A great way to view bird development and behavior in your classroom.