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Some people feel Rupert is bit to laid back to be the Doctor - citing that the role as of late generally requires a massive amount of energy - which is true of course, but I think a laid back Doctor would be a very fitting nod to the "Classic" Who - and we shouldn't under estimate Rupert, more so with a complete look back at the Harry Potter saga.

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Im such a whovian. One time someone went 'i dont like doctor who' (i didnt rlly care) me: i dont rlly care be quiet. Him: y is doctor who more than one person. Me: 1st of all hes not a human hes a timelord. 2nd of all hes one person i wont explain y cos its to complicated for U to understand. 3rd of all HIS NAME IS THE DOCTOR NOT DOCTOR WHO

Doctor Who meets Soft Kitty! I don't watch Doctor Who (sadly) but I do watch Big Bang and this is a super funny remix of soft kitty