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An excellent blog entry discussing the psychology of color and how to pair them up.

Raleigh Tilefrom Raleigh Tile

Color and Shade: What Color Can Do For Your Project

Colour Combinations

Colour Schemes

Triadic Color Scheme

Triad Colors

Guide Color

Colours Work

Color Triads

Character Design References

Colour Wheels

Artists and design experts know that triad colors work together in harmony.

CoSchedule Blogfrom CoSchedule Blog

Color Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide [Free Download]

Colour Emotion

Emotions Color

Complete Guide



Infographics Design

Colour Infographics

Design Webdesign

Ultimate Color

Colour Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide

Color Marketing

Color Psychology Marketing

Color Theory Psychology

Social Psychology

Marketing Character

Psychology Symbol

Color Theory Lessons

Psychology Of Sales

Colour Psychology In Logo Design

The Psychology of Color in Marketing

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color and how it helps balance

Learning French

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Color Coded

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It Is



Mélange des couleurs pour la peinture I know french so I understand this.. I think you can all figure most out..Cause it is color coded thx god...

Theory Infographic

Excellent Color

Colour Wheels

Color Wheel Lesson

Color Wheel Ideas

Colour Inspiration

Colour Charts

Character Design References

Character Art

Color Theory

Color Science

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Color Theory

About You

Says About


Web Site Design

Designers Websitedesign

How people react to colors.

Art Color Wheels Theory

Wheel Color

Color Wheel Tattoo

Colour Wheel Template

Theory Colour

Complementary Color Wheel

Colour Theories

Block Color


Here are my rules for using purple and yellow together: 1. A little goes a long way. Choose to focus on either the purple or the yellow, and accent it with the opposite color. Much like fashion magazines tell you to pick a feature to focus on -- your eyes or your lips -- but to walk around with a crazy amount of makeup all of your face can be a bit...let's go with...garish. 2. Use colors of varying saturations (or intensities). If you use a lot of dark purple and a lot of bright…

Tangerine Aqua

Orange Aqua

Olive Teal

Orange And Blue Kitchen

Teal And Orange Living Room

Orange Curtains Living Room

Tangerine Bedroom

Vibrant Yellow

Orange Dining Room

Love these colors

Choose Colors

Choosing Colors

Colors Color

Paint Colors

Vibrant Colors


Colour Schemes

Color Combinations

Colour Wheels

choosing colors

Basic Emotions

Primary Emotions

Emotions Chart

Emotions Wheel

Emotions Vocabulary

Emotions Happy

Negative Emotions

Feelings And Emotions

Colour Wheel

more than a color wheel...a color wheel with emotions

Wheel Color

Color Wheels

Color Wheel Tattoo

Eye Color

The Colour

Colour Lost

Fun Color

Color Box

Opposite Color

Color wheel

Antique Color

Vintage Colors

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Patterns And Prints Vintage

Moses Harris

Prismatic Color

Prismatic Rainbow


color wheel

Religions Interesting

Culture Interesting

Very Interesting

Interesting Guerilla

Awesome Guerilla

Interesting Comparison

Interesting Infographics

Infographic Colors

Culture Infographic

°Colors Around the World

Clothes Color

Clothing Colors

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Significado de los colores #socialmedia #socialmarketing #mobile

Describe Happiness

Happiness Vs

Color Infographics

Infographics Marketing

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Colour Theory Psychology

Color Theory

Psychology Studies

The Colors We Feel

Color Infographic

Awesome Infographic

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Wheel Infographic

Infographic Created

Colour Coordination


The Arts

Color Tips

The Art of Color Coordination

Wiccan Pagan Celtic

Celtic Witch

Pagan Witch

Witchcraft Wicca Magic

Celtic Healing Symbols

Irish Witch

Celtic Spirituality


Wheel Drake

Celtic Medicine Wheel - Drake Bear Stephen Innerprizes

Divination Tarot

Witchness Tarot

Ouija Tarot

Divination Methods

Tarot Lenormand

Tarot Deck

Tarot Tips

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Tarot Info

Notice any colors on the cards and apply their meanings as part of your interpretation.



Color Affect

Colour Impacts

Color Helps

Afectan Los

Purchases Infographic

Marketing Infographic

Purchases Marketing

Online Marketing

Color Infographic