Reuse dry cleaning hangers for jewelry organizing (not hanging up clothes)

An old rake is used to organize necklaces

Jewelry Storage

perfect shelves

gallery mode jewelry display

Great idea!

Jewelry Organizer - what a cute idea!

Displaying necklaces

Ring Organization


Jewelry organizer


A thin wooden dowel mounted inside a closet or cabinet door using cup hooks is the foundation of a simply chic jewelry hanger. Coat the dowel with semigloss paint. Suspend S hooks from the rod (the texture of the dried semigloss paint will help keep the hooks from sliding), and hang necklaces -- and bracelets and rings, if you like -- from the hooks for dazzling order.


display jewelry on shower hooks - went with this general idea. I spray painted a wooden dowel and hung with with two thread eye bolts, then used S hooks - use it every day and love it!

paint a branch and add nails!

Cool for Organizing necklaces and bracelets

Shabby chic jewelry organizer DIY