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    Afterword by Amelia Williams

    Afterword by Amelia Williams.

    I've pinned this before. And I don't care. My eyes fill with tears every single time the bowtie hits the floor.

    Matt crying while reading the "Time of the Doctor"

    that's so sad

    Amy: "Rory. Do I have noticeable lines on my eyes now?" 11th Doctor: "Yes." Rory: "No." S7E5: The Angels Take Manhattan

    Amy J Williams, By Sarah Jane Smith - whoever wrote this should be commended.

    I.....I don't know.



    That is awesome sad but awesome :\

    The exact story of how I got sucked into Doctor Who.

    The carer.

    The infinitely sad and just Doctor.

    why we love doctor who

    Moffat! Why!? :(

    The Little Pond - this is beautiful!

    Rory Williams ♥

    Just stories.