1950s Chiropractic sponsored competition saw participants being judged on the healthy appearance of their spines (as viewed in x-rays).

1963, television eyeglasses, Ha Ha

Facial "Icebox" Beauty treatment, 1966

Pin-up spaghetti eating contest

1957 Monsanto Home Of The Future

Spinster with cat (as per description) Times Square, Jet Magazine 1956

Lol considering cake---- Pillsbury Complete Cake Mix 1956

1930's beach beauties

day at the beauty salon

A 1950s bomb shelter beauty. #vintage #1950s #cold_war

Bathing Beauties 1924

Beauty Prize Winners 1922

Bathing Beauties circa 1890’s

Russia, 1886

"she mustn't swoon" television taboos, 1949

Miss Lovely Eyes Contest, Florida, 1930's

Coney Island 1969- photography, Bruce Gilden

1920 Bathing Beauties

Carol Andrews' July 10th 1967 mugshot. Although it doesn't say what her arrest is for, judging from the glazed look in her eyes, I'd imagine it was either for drug or alcohol intoxication. I have to say though that her beehive is amazing!