1950s Chiropractic sponsored competition saw participants being judged on the healthy appearance of their spines (as viewed in x-rays).

1963, television eyeglasses, Ha Ha

Facial "Icebox" Beauty treatment, 1966

Lol considering cake---- Pillsbury Complete Cake Mix 1956

Spinster with cat (as per description) Times Square, Jet Magazine 1956

1957 Monsanto Home Of The Future

day at the beauty salon

Ready for a swim...

Bathing Beauties 1924

Contestants in the 1956 Chiropractor’s Beauty Contest, 1956.

Pin-up spaghetti eating contest

Beauty Prize Winners 1922

Bathing beach beauty contest, 1920. Elizabeth Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Roache.

Beauty device to shape the nose

1940s | scuba divers | black and white | vintage | quirky | bathers through the ages | seaside | the deep blue sea

1930's beach beauties

Beauty Contest, 1925

A 1950s bomb shelter

Lota Cheek by George Maillard Kesslere, 1923

family photo