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    I barely remember this but I think we had this toy!

    80s toys | Mine was pink. | 80s &90s toys

    I remember this toy

    I remember having one as a kid... Playskool Alphie II Robot toy 1980's educational - We have the original one in our kids corner.

    Clackers...the most obnoxious toys in the world..

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    The cow says, "moo." Yeah, mine didn't have some dumb lever, it had a pull string! Great for choking!

    i remember this!!!!!!

    had it, loved it

    Flashdance, Kelly Kapowski and most every other girl in the 80s liked the off the shoulder cut-up mens sweatshirt. has brought it back for you.

    what our charm necklaces/bracelets used to look like...stop it!! I so had a necklace like this!!

    retro toys 80s - I remember this... Dangerous but fun! hated this toy..i could never do it Pogo Ball

    Totally had this dr. kit

    Still can't spell....

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    toys from the 70s | Toys 2 Remember: Remember the original Fisher-Price Little Snoopy?

    OMG I LOVED this so much when I was little, couldn't get enough of it!

    School anyone?

    80's toys. I had every one of these but the kid sister or buddy dolls, they creeped me out.

    Loved these guys

    Halloween McNugget Buddies. We had all these!