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For nostalgia junkies out there- an MP3 player you can rewind with a pen

lego mp3 player [2gb memory] - this would be perfect for my son's birthday

Aww, super cute Mp3 Player....2GB of music & adorable too!

Nostalgic MP3 Player 11111111111111111111111111111

Is MP3 jewelry that simplifies your music listening experience the future of fashion?

Candy Speaker ✧ Simply insert into your MP3 player’s earphone jack and share your music with quality sound. Carry it around as an adorable lollipop accessory when not in use. $20.

mp3 player - If this is real, I want one!

I can see running with this but I know I'll lose the earbuds in 45 seconds :(

As if I need another way to shop on Amazon - this app makes it way too easy!