Easy flower decoration from Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok - Flowers Swirl #Curves #FriFotos

Pink flowers from The Lobby Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

Four Seasons Bangkok ‏ @Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok #Green flower theme is ready to go out to the #Lobby. #FriFotos twitpic.com/8wv7ny

#White decoration ball at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok's meeting room made of Thai flowers called "Dok-Ruk" (Love Flower) #FriFotos

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Have you ever thought about decorating your flowers at home without of a vase? How about try it this way? Click "Like" if you like this Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok style.

Easy flower decoration tip from Four Seasons Bangkok's Florist team. Drop a couple stems of flowers and leaves you have at home and there you go, a nice centerpiece for your dining table! @FSBangkok

Another beautiful flowers decoration for the wedding and here's Khun Lek, the man behind the success of Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok flowers!

Lovely pink lotus flowers at @Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok.

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok's Lobby is blooming at all seasons. :) #flowers #lotus

Happy pinky day from Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok's lobby! 'Like' these flowers if you have a wonderful day

jeff leatham flowers four seasons george v 07

jeff leatham flowers four seasons george v 03

jeff leatham flowers four seasons george v 06

Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok

Another centerpiece from our Florist team at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok. What a fun and creative way to give the whole new look to your flower arrangement at home!


Afternoon tea buffet at the World Gourmet Festival 2012 at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok. #FSTaste

white flower centerpiece

Mercury glass, peach and coral flowers....adaptable for either red or navy base color

Greatest Chair Flowers Ever by Primary Petals & Jose Villa