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Love, Love, Love this one! (Generalizations are always incorrect it seems to me.)

Error: Your message could not be sent. The Ex you're trying to reach has moved on. Error number: 2 years wasted

I don't jump to conclusions. I cannon ball into them LIKE A BOSS...ridiculously true

Rejecting your ex like a boss

The only weakness of bulletproof vests...

theBERRY’s Afternoon Daily Randomness : theBERRY

makes me want to be a teacher just to see what type of answers students can come up with lol

Stages of procrastination-My life in college!

Ever time I see these bins, I want to do this. OCD like a boss

Still works on Lottie! Jonah not so much. In fact, he does this when she wants to play mariokart or super smash brothers with him! Lol

Answering a True/False exam. Like a boss!

Definitely using this as an alarm!