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  • Stephanie Tagle

    The original New Jersey Raisin ahahaha! (The woman who let her kid daughter roast with her tisk tisk)

  • Don Malot

    'Tan Mom' as Cover Girl for A Box of Sun-Maid Raisins. 😜 Ha Ha! Genius!

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they...they make them in "$1's"?

I like her better Witherspoon.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics

32 of the best things that happened on Tumblr. Oh man. Every morning should start off with laughs like this. XD

You put the top photo on our photoshoot list a while ago.... lol!!

Hahaha!!! I actually said to myself "4, he has 4 candy bars. What's so funny?" Then I scrolled down. HAHA

Always check your recliners for ferrets

She liked imaginary men best of all... ~Anne Taintor

LOL. sorry for the language, but I actually laughed out loud at just the top picture...

My hair looks bad some days but NEVER as bad as that jackasses. Trump, I mean. Not the other one.