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    • Stephanie Tagle

      The original New Jersey Raisin ahahaha! (The woman who let her kid daughter roast with her tisk tisk)

    • Don Malot

      'Tan Mom' as Cover Girl for A Box of Sun-Maid Raisins. 😜 Ha Ha! Genius!

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    rofl! Awesome!

    anne taintor

    So true

    ha ha ha...Mary Poppins:) ... at least it was cute in the movie!

    medication...LoL...well, that's been my day to a T.

    sassy beverage

    Things are not always as they seem! lol


    Yep...this is me.

    ha ha

    the truth, just ask me!

    Guess who?

    Test Your Stupidity "INSERT $100" funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

    Truest statement ever.

    Conflict of Pinterest. So true.


    My husband would agree with this one! Please don't take my silence as agreement in your little rant you had there. I just prefer to watch 'crazy' in quiet. -- I swear this is Derek every time I am on a rampage!!!


    So true

    Hahaha :)