dishrack to store lids...lots of dishracks at thrift stores!

Dollar store dish racks to separate the pans and lids in a cabinet above the fridge

Why didn't I think of that?

DUH. Why didn't I think of that?! - Command Hooks + Wire Basket = additional storage under the sink.

Wrapping Paper Storage freaking genius! !!, wish it was this simple to store scrapbook paper.


Office paper organizer to store Tupperware lids or tin foil, seran wrap etc. seriously....why didn't I think of this?!?!

Store your hair dryer inside your cabinet door with a magazine file....thanks for the inspiration pinterest!

tupperware lid organizer!

A Lazy Susan for the refrigerator - why didn't I think of that??

organize coloring books and such in a dish rack...great idea

Simply Homemade kitchen organizing - I should pick up an inexpensive dish drainer to organize lids


12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips | DIY tupperware lid storage using a basket and drying rack!

DIY Storage ~ How To Store Your Stuff

Pin a length of lace to inside of drawer, provides for extra support for bottles and tubes. Love this!

Use wire CD racks to organize Tupperware lids.

towel holder for lids

This DIY magnetic spice rack is perfect for organizing spices; they're out of the way and easily accessible just inside of the cabinet door! Practically Functional