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  • Christal Boerman

    Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros...

  • Julie Platz

    Introducing the Nintendo Entertainment System and pretty much an accurate depiction of my childhood from my own mind. #NES #Nintendo #Original #VideoGame #80s #Childhood #Memories

  • Charlotte La Mosca

    Introducing the Nintendo Entertainment System! Nes, Mario, old school gaming, best video game ever

  • Lisa Brown

    Super Mario Bros!! Duck Hunt!! Rad Racer!!

  • Suzy Krcivoj

    Playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo

  • Tara Taggart

    The original Nintendo complete with the gun for Duck Hunt

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Simplicity and perfection. My childhood was spent playing videogames and reading. The times I spent playing this with my father and sisters are memories I always have with me. The soundtrack to this game also shows a lot of ingenuity on the composers (Koji Kondo) part. You had 5 channels to make audio, there wasn't a real way to play out chords and your sampling memory was super limited. Despite all that, the theme is recognized world wide. Not bad for a 20 year old game.

NES iPhone wallpaper, via FFFFOUND!

Metal Gear - Released in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A port of the original Metal Gear for the MSX home computer in Japan.

I remember this picture from the letters section of Nintendo Power when I was a kid! I always loved reading about the experiences other people had and how they celebrated gaming in their life.

Memories of 7th grade...playing Super Mario Brothers after school and eating rice krispie treats with friends!

GameBackupSystem is a complete solution that includes special #software and tutorials to making perfect copies & backups of your games. You can use GBS to make a 1:1 copy of virtually any game, on all of the most popular consoles, including the Xbox360, #Nintendo Wii, PS3 and even video DVDs and PC games

NES Power Glove... that's right Nintendo took old tech made it prettier and added better graphics and called it the Wii. No really it worked almost the same, sensor bar and everything. games weren't made FOR it though.

NES-talgia typography by Jay Roeder (Not really how I feel, love games of the past and love games today, but very pretty design! Anything with Retro NES is sexy in my books)

As much as I appreciate the development of videogames, sometimes the original is the best.