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  • Mn Mnsrn

    All sizes | peachskin. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  • MemyselfI

    colorful, eyes, face, freckles, kids, people - inspiring picture on

  • Minka van Ijs

    freckles + green eyes

  • Jen VerMaas

    FRIDAY FRECKLES #photography #children

  • donna fisher

    Portrait Photography: A face without freckles is like the sky without stars @Courtney Grant. #photography #portrait

  • Sydney Watt

    Natural beauty. Peachskin by Nirrimi Joy Hakanson

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Tracy Olanrewaju When i was little my freckles were exactly like this when I had been out in the sun a lot. They faded as I became OLDER :)

I was going to have this character blond, but then I thought to myself- Nah, gingers are always better.

"Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature." ▼ Tom Robbins

i've learned to cope with my freckles after all of the years my mom has called them angel kisses...

The beautiful thing about children's laughter, is that when a child laughs - the kid REALLY means it.

#Love may make the world go around, but #laughter keeps us from getting dizzy." - Donald Zockert

Smile and the world smiles back by Globetrotter "This priceless moment of joy happened amongst a crowd of children at Thiruvalluvar Nagar Beach near Chennai (India). This girl was especially enchanted by the foreigner and his camera. She instantly drew my attention and I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever captured."

I'm freckly. I hated it when I was little but then when I was about 12 my Mum left a copy of Vogue on my bed. The cover girl had a VERY freckly face. It was a close up shot and she was stunning. It changed my attitude towards freckles forever. My 3 year old daughter is just developing her freckles now - I will do the same thing for her if she doesn't like them. Hers are ADORABLE.

School children in rain storm. Lesotho, South Africa (1981) ~ by Chris Steele-Perkins

I truly believe that a part of being a good photographer is having an eye for great models. Not the perfect, but the interesting face is what makes you stare at a photo and wonder.