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Cuchara de cosméticos de la niña que arranca flores de loto. Imperio Nuevo.

Cosmetic Spoon, Grub el-Medina (1300 BC) Egypt

Osiris Pectoral Necklace of Tutankhamun

Gold Horse Ring of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE) New Kingdom, Dynasty 19, 1297-1185 BC. Louvre Museum

Egyptian Cosmetic Spoon in the shape of a girl. New Kingdom. Louvre, Paris. Rites et beauté. Objects de toilette égyptiens au musée du Louvre, París.

Coffin of Djedhoriufankh- Egypt, after the New Kingdom.

Ancient Egyptian Toiletry items: spoons for cosmetic colored powders. Egyptian civilization, New Kingdom.

Mask of Lineferty, Dynasty 19, ca 1279-1213 BC. Taken From the tomb of Sennedjem.

Fragment of a palette with a bull trampling and enemy and city standards holding a rope,Egypt,late Naqada period,ca 3300-3100 BCE