Cuchara de cosméticos de la niña que arranca flores de loto. Imperio Nuevo.

Cosmetic Spoon, Grub el-Medina (1300 BC) Egypt

Egyptian cosmetic spoon

Spoon for cosmetics - Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, ivory

Wooden cosmetic spoon.

The vessel, decorated with ornaments of lotus petals and a picture of a central register of a woman leading a goat. Ancient Egypt.

*Egyptian spoon ~ 18th Dynasty with a girl playing the Lute.

The Seated Scribe, c. 2,600-2,350 BC, Musée du Louvre, Paris, France (Old Kingdom) Painted limestone sculpture originally from Saqqarah, Egypt

Photo 3. Cosmetic spoon shaped lotus and ankh. New Kingdom. Louvre Museum. Photo on E. DELANGE, Rites et beauté. Objects de toilette égyptie ...

Cosmetic Box of the Cupbearer Kemeni Middle Kingdom Dynasty 12 Reign of Amenemhat IV ca. 1814–1805 B.C.

Neferti ...

Época: Dinastía XVIII, reinado del faraón Tutankhamón (1334-1325 a.C.)

egypt and cats

Statuettes of high priest Amenhotep and priestess Renai. 15th cent. BC

Ivory Gazelle from Thebes Ancient Egypt Dynasty 18 c. 1375-1350 BC Ivory on wood base decorated w/ flora Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mentuhotep I; Middle Kingdom Pharaoh

Faience inlay in the form of an owl, from Egypt, 525-305 BC (

Amenhotep III ruled Egypt for almost 40 years during the 18th Dynasty. His reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendour, when Egypt reached the peak of her artistic and international power. When he died (in the 39th year of his reign), his son initially ruled as Amenhotep IV, but later changed his own royal name to Akhenaten.

Woman and Child, Before 3200 BCE, Egypt

A shield shaped slate cosmetic palette, Pre-dynastic