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    • Krista Hayden

      Putting on a fake smile or mask for others so they don't know they pain or sadness you are feeling (apples)

    • Leading and Loving It

      Do you stuff and smile? #tiffanymcooper shares a great post with is over at Join the convo! #leadingandlovingit

    • Niki Nguyen

      I just like the faces on the apples but it's true: one smile and everyone thinks your life is perfect.

    • Robert A C Jack

      This is just sad, but this also holds a lot of truth. Hands up if your mask slips from time to time too.

    • Justice Esparza

      sad apple photo - download this photo for free ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring backgrounds, pictures, food, green, pics and fillers

    • Elizabeth Macdonald

      :( fake smiling makes a great cover, but is NOT a good thing.

    • Drizztess Firandëley

      Photo of Sad for fans of Random. Sad to.....

    • Lala Isa

      #Quote #Love #Words #Life #Sad #smile

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    My mother still hasn't called for my doctor's appointment. I feel sick. and sad. And bloated. My ribs and stomach hurt like crap and my anxiety is through the roof. I need a diagnoses so I can figure out if I'm bipolar or idek what's going on at this point.

    The worst kind of pain is when you're smiling just to stop the tears from falling.

    It is what it is

    Sad, but oh so very true. So to those of you that always thought shes got it together shed strong, she doesnt care you couldnt have been more wrong.

    The worst pain for a girl is when she smiles, just to keep the tears from falling, and sleeps, just so she doesn't have to think about it //♥

    Never going back, but sometimes it's nice to look back and see where I've been then look ahead to see where I'm going.

    Support... If you have Lupus, Fibro, RA, or any disease that causes joint pain I have found a vitamin that has completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with all three (Lupus/Fibro and RA) when I was 12. I've been to innumerable doctors and been on every medication from chemo to Lyrica. I'm not selling anything. This is not a hoax. All I want to do is help anyone that is suffering the way I have for the last 17 years. If you would like to find out more about the vitamin and hear my story please email me. My email is mailto:jesikabeck.... You have nothing to lose. I really just want to help anyone that is hopeless like I was.

    this is very true of my bf♥

    beyond true..

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    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Wearing a smile valentine love quote.

    one of the cruelest things love love quotes quotes broken hearted relationships quote girl couple sad boy love quote heart broken

    After being psychopathicly attacked my old church watched me drown didn't think twice about throwing me a life line. Sick stuff. Sick lack of love empathy and compassion. Yikes.

    boy this sure is the truth! Some people totally forget how to LIVE LIFE and be FRIENDS still...truly sad and a lil pathetic...reality check yo! :)

    Yes, you can be sad if you want.