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  • Kristine Britcher

    Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of car. I saw Jaws in a drive in and remember tearing my teddy bear in fear. But we couldn't go see Saturday Night Fever??

  • Trishia Jimenez

    Speakers from the Drive-In Movie- some of my best childhood memories are with my family at the drive in. First time I saw Robin Hood (Disney), I was about 5 and decided I was going to marry him. ;)

  • Randall C.

    Nostalgia Do You Remember This | Remember the drive n movies.

  • Chrystal

    Drive-In Speakers - Nostalgia

  • ☆ B S D ☆

    Elmsford DriveIn Movie Sound System (currently the site of Sam's Club) Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of you.

  • Carlton Salter

    Vintage Santa Rosa Ca Drive in Movie Theater car speakers.

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Drive in movie speaker. Drive ins the best nights of your life!! There was a drive-in theatre on Riverside Drive.

70s movie viewer. LOVED this when I was a kid!

We actually rolled the windows down with a manual window crank! The smaller crank was for the vent window.

Drive In Speakers I lived by the 24 outdoor in Muskego.

And who could forget the drive inn speakers! You rolled down the window and hung them on your door and there was a volume control too!

Drive In movies - Who could forget these boxes. You could never hear the movie quite right.

Confession time: This is my first car with power windows and I just got it 3 years ago... I kind of miss rolling my windows down.

Drive In. Wow, great memories here. There is still one where I live that opens each summer.

The car, the drive in restaurants, the whole thing... Thinking of Bob's Big Boy after school almost every day..such fun memories!!

Drive in Movie. This is how it was done....

Drive-In speakers. Amazing these didn't crack more windows.

Remember when...and it was cool Atari games!!!