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I have to get Jared to check this out. Some of the images are hard to see exactly what is happening but I bet he will know, I want to try this! #crossfit #WeightLoss

This may be a crossfit picture but she is CLEARLY also a dancer or gymnast or something of the like. This is a beautiful picture.

crossfit: Really wish someone would put my scared ass through a crossfit workout.

Be "your" own "Fit Girl".......and stop saying "I want a body like hers";P.........Go Get It!♥

Just please dont forget to Rest your muscles!!! Because then it will be bad!! if you dont let them rest

One legged squats, or pistol squats, is a great leg exercise you can do whenever you have some stairs nearby. - Always the stairs

Beautiful set of legs! And I'ld love to get a pair of those shorts. Short in the front, but longer in the back to fully cover my booty.

I can't do these yet, not even with the aid of the rope! But I will! pistol squat WOD

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