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Bwahahaha. Accurate.

"You were so attractive until you texted me with your hideous grammar." OMG i'm such the spellchecker lol! people hate when I spellcheck them but I can't stop!

faster than the speed of light

Funny Confession Ecard: Nothing faster than the speed of light. Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a photo that makes her look fat. There really is an ecard for that!

Ok, I am funny, have nice nails (thanks Pinterest, LOL) and am already happily married.... but you would think I have a fantasy home that sparkles and the closet of a princess... those I do not have :D

i am told that i am funny and i do have pretty nails but i dont plan on getting married anytime soon!

I about died laughing

Men are like pantyhose Either they run, they cling, or they don't fit right in the crotch.

Not that hard to understand at all

Just naps. No Starbucks burnt overly priced sludge! Cuddling gets to warm. Yoga pants, really? Shopping is torture! Disney is cute but the happily ever after stuff is bull. Don't think you know all girls dearest e-card.

So freakin true! Here it is @Julie Pulliam

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol

Haha - "Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver." #funny #alcohol #someecards

Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver.