Clawing Zombie Groundbreaker With LED Eyes - I NEED this for Halloween. I have a graveyard but I need a clawing Zombie to finish it off!


Add this Halloween outdoor decoration to your yard just in time to surprise trick-or-treaters! Its wide, bulging eyes light up in .

When Good Lawn Ornaments Go Bad. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChrisandJanesPlace

The loveable lawn gnomes have been infected and turned into the walking dead – now no lawn is safe from the growing army of zombie lawn gnomes. Here we see three gnomes brutally devouring a pink flamingo who will soon reanimate as the undead.

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Scare your trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests with these realistic skeleton bones! Ideal for decorating a haunted house, this scary collection of 6 .

Nothing brings the fright of Halloween night like a creepy skeleton rising from it's grave! This Try Me Grave Breaker is the perfect Halloween decoration that is sure to turn any home or front yard into a scary graveyard or haunted house. Use this Grave Breaker as decor to spruce up your Halloween party or scare and entertain trick-or-treaters as they approach your home. Place indoors or outdoors for a frightfully fun Halloween! Eyes flash red when triggered.

This animated Halloween decoration will give your Halloween guests a scary surprise! This zombie skeleton is the perfect outdoor Halloween decoration that .

Fun Express Bag of Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set

Have a Haunted Mansion Party: Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Deluxe Halloween Bag of Plastic Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set - Perfect for a Halloween Graveyard or Haunted House