Tea Sandwiches

cucumber sandwiches as colors study. cucumber sandwiches as geometric study. cucumber sandwiches as lunch.

Pears Goat Cheese Pistachios and dried cranberries  Delicious. Next time I want to try these with a black pepper Boursin cheese for those who do not enjoy the goat cheese :)

I will eat anything with goat cheese! Pear slices with goat cheese, dried cranberries & pistachios

These chic Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches are the perfect addition to an elegant high tea

Chic Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

RECIPE Chic Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches, Perfect for High Tea / Belly Rumbles

Tasty Tea Sandwiches! Recipe calls for butter, but you may replace it with a low-fat cream cheese. If you would like to take it up a notch use low-fat cream cheese with your favorite jam to create a cheesecake bite.

Cucumber & Chive Butter Tea Sandwich

Replace butter w cream cheese maybe? Tea Sandwich: Cucumber & Chive Butter = afternoon tea Vitelli Vitelli Walsh - Step by step cucumber sandwiches.

Picnic Perfect. Pressed Italian Sandwiches

Picnic Perfect. Pressed Italian Sandwiches

Go grab a pressed Italian sandwich at your local Italian market and hit the park for a picnic. Soak up the last few days of summer. We are totally into this idea @ Nonna Box. ---- Picnic Perfect Pressed Italian Sandwich by seasonsandsuppers

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich Rolls

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich Rolls (with Lavash Bread

Sandwich  might need these someday  :)

Yummy sandwich ideas - a creative way to incorporate healthy habits into your life! Pair with a refreshing iced Matcha green tea as a drink substitute.

cucumber sandwiches (use vegan cream cheese)

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches ~ 3 Spreads & 3 Ways