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Coconut Octopus




Happy Elephant!

These intriguing creators are true lovebirds – most of them are monogamous and some species mate for life. Seahorse couples are pretty amazing and fun to watch as greet each other every morning with a unique dance that sometimes involves changing color.

Cephalopod: planktonic octopus paralarva.

Squid <3

Love the gold highlights!

sea anemones:-) This is a Bubble Coral:-) we have one in our Saltwater Tank-it has a Large Mouth in the center and Eats Frozen Silversides (fish) it is Amazing!!

lizard Island octopus

Sea snail on coral

✯ Octopus


"(Coconut octopi are) the first invertebrate known to carry and maintain objects for future use.."


Blue clover octopus by serdarsuer

dirona albolineata, my favorite sea slug & future incarnation

~Cream & Sugar Cottage~

Happy fish