Water Skiing

water skiing

Slalom Water Skiing - boatcovers.iboats.com

Water skiing!

looks like fun!

.we all knew how to water ski...just some way better than others!

water skiing

Jet Ski

sleepovers on trampolines with a few kindred spirits & a sky brimming with stars sounds perfect right about now.

learn to drop a ski waterskiing {summer bucketlist}

water skiing

Water Skiing

The view I see all summer long

Water Skiing :)

Water Ski

Did you know waterskiing was invented in Lake City, Minnesota in 1922? Eighteen-year-old, Ralph Samuelson invented water skiing. ... Ralph first attempted water skiing on Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota, towed by his brother .

water ski

water skiing #McCainAllGood

Water Ski - I learned to water ski at age 7 and was on a single at age 9! Our vacations at the Delta were spent skiing all day, every day!

Water skiing