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Grow a row for the hungry. Find a local food pantry or shelter in your area. Plant one row of each of your edible crops and then donate the harvest from that row to the organization on a regular basis.

YouTube Launches 'Next Cause' To Help Nonprofits Change World Through Video

YouTube has created "Next Cause" to help with fundraising and engagement

Register to Be an Organ Donor!

In honor of Helene Campbell, she is waiting for a double lung transplant...

I try to always but it gets hard sometimes when people you think are your friends start judging you like you did something when all you did was care.

Tell the #BoyScouts to support inclusive Scouting and end the ban on gay scouts and leaders! | GLAAD

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The State Of The World Is The Question, And GIRLS Are The Answer

What's going to change the state of the world? It's not the Internet, science, the government, or money...

Quote on mental health: Not every disability is visible.

I GUARANTEE we all know someone who has suffered from and/or been affected by a form of mental illness - themselves or a family member. It's time to get rid of the stigma - there is NOTHING wrong with you or them. National Alliance on Mental Illness -

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