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  • Anna Giemza

    I can’t imagine starting my day without cup of aromatic coffee. I’m sure many of you think the same. The questions are we caffeine addicts or we are just coffee taste enthusiast. I believe a second option is closer to the truth. If you love coffee I’m sure you will like this article and recipes included. Enjoy.

  • Gisell Chanden

    Coffe time - Tiempo para un cafe

  • Mary Tanon

    Coffe heart

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Adoro un café a la mañana o en la tarde con un poco de leche y un croissant¡¡

.Brought to you for your enjoyment by Your coffee overflow containment specialists.

Visit any Valli Opticians and you will be offered tea or coffee and if you're very good maybe even cakes and biscuits, especially if Stacy's been baking!. Source

That feeling in the morning when you look down at your full cup of coffee and smile :)

Steam rising off of a fresh cup of hot coffee is a beautiful thing. #Coffee #MrCoffee

The only thing better than a cup of Joe is two cups of Joe. #coffee #quotes

"And coffee, for one who knows it as I do, means making it with your own hands and not having it come to you on a tray, because the bringer of the tray is also the bearer of talk, and the first coffee, the virgin of the silent morning, is spoiled by the first words. Dawn, my dawn, is antithetical to chatter. The aroma of coffee can absorb sounds and will go rancid, even if these sounds are nothing more than a gentle “Good morning!”— Mahmoud Darwish, from Memory for Forgetfulness

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