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Speech Tube: Nonverbal Social Skills. One week I pulled out my iPhone and let them watch a popular You Tube clip. After 3 minutes of laughing and watching clips, I was able to get them to work for the next 30 minutes on our speech and language goals. Since then, I’ve been finding ways to spark their interest with clips!

from Speech Time Fun

Favorite Websites To Use In Speech

Speech Time Fun's Favorite Websites to use in Speech. Read which ones I use to get texts, games, and interactive activities that can work on TONS of speech and language skills such as articulation, vocabulary, sentence structure, syntax, and so much more!

This parent friendly FREE handout explains evaluation scores, standard scores, and percentile ranks! Perfect for speech therapists and IEP meetings! Just sign up for a newsletter for SLPs to get your copy! From Speechy Musings.

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Phonology {No Prep}

This packet contains lots of fun black and white no prep games, activities and worksheets to practice 10 different phonological processes. Materials were created for use in speech therapy but are also great for homework too!The following phonological processes are included for each activity/game: fronting, gliding, stopping (affricates and fricatives), cluster reduction, final consonant deletion, weak syllable deletion, prevocalic voicing, postvocalic voicing, nasalization, stridency…