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Spirit never dies ~ It is eternal like the rising of the sun, we have been here b4 and now is the time to make good!YOu are not a victim of karma or circumstance ~ All things happen for a reason as you create your destiny <3

Thought Leader and Wisdom Teacher Pierre Tielhard de Chardin said 'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Great idea to keep track of kids growth through the years.

DIY Ruler Growth Chart - Pottery Barn Knock-Off.I just wanna make a giant ruler.


Tree root formation with Ward Lake in the background.

tree_roots_5_by_MoonShadow_DarkRaven.jpg (900×679)

tree_roots_5_by_MoonShadow_DarkRaven.jpg (900×679)

Banyan Tree And Roots In Sarasota Florida by Mike Nellums

Banyan Tree And Roots In Sarasota Florida

Banyan Tree And Roots In Sarasota Florida Photograph - Banyan Tree And Roots In Sarasota Florida Fine Art Print

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Olympic National Park trees and roots in Hoh Rain Forest. Some of the trees in this forest are “old growth forest” meaning they are over 200 years old and some much higher than 30 stories tall and wider than two parking spaces! Photo by Goldom