DIY Vintage Chic

Glue rope to your used coffee cans! Cheap organizing and chic, too!

Out House Toilet Paper Holder Idea

Upcycle and oatmeal container to make a plastic bag holder

Recycle, RePurpose a Metal Post-Mount Mailbox to a Toilet Paper 4-Roll Holder -OR- Paper Towel 2-Roll Storage Rack - Bathroom Organizer

Up-cycled Toilet Paper Roll, cover or color, fold one end, add a strong magnet, could be a great gift for an adult

the red thread rope coil bowls tutorial

OMG - I must learn how to do this so that I can leave toilet paper art randomly at other people's homes! ;)

Very good diy idea to store paper and it is so incredibly cheap! I would definitely cover the boxes in ... maybe beautiful wrapping paper?!? paper storage -

Bathroom organizer and toilet paper holder. Choose right or left paper holder under Finish

Organizing cords

Two It Yourself: Dollar store trash can makeover

Love the idea as a birdcage for a Toilet Paper Holder in the powder room.

Really fun and easy to do. Just save up old rolls of toilet paper or paper towel holders, then paint and cut. Hot glue togeter when done. You can do them on the wall like the picture or hang them from the ceiling with string.

A big magazine holder can be used to store a good amount of spare toilet paper rolls

5 Design Takeaways From One of the Most Beautiful DIY Bathroom Renovations Ever -

DYI bathroom tissue roll cover is made out of an oatmeal box,Just cover it in fabric or contact paper, holds 2 rolls too

DIY Vintage Chic: DIY Chalkboard with Wine Cork Border