• Charlotte

    newspaper seedling pots - I have the perfect wine bottles for a mold!

  • Nisreen Stella Kanaan

    This is genius idea, have one saved me lots of pots and space. DIY newspaper seedling pots #homesfornature

  • Nicole Stanley

    Might try this for thing I start right before planting season.

  • Vanupied

    newspaper seedling pots #diy #jardinage

  • Teri Carroll

    newspaper seedling pots are a fun project with kids!

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make seedling trays out of recycled paper. Time to start getting ready

An affordable and environmentally friendly way to make newspaper pots for your seedlings to grow in. Easy to make in a few short steps.

Newspaper seedling pots instructions This works! I planted approx 500 seedlings using this method. The size of the pots can vary from tiny to large and thus you can start any seed from lettuce to pumpkins! Better start folding pots for this season...

DIY Plantable, biodegradable seedling pots made from newspaper... Great for your Spring garden...

Maybe I will try this with my tomato and pepper seedlings so that they will have more room to grow until it gets warm enough to plant them outside. Sounds easy and cheep enough! :)

wow, isn't this clever? If I actually get around to planting anything, this is how I'll do it. Much nicer than plastic.

Recycle your old newspapers into plant pots for seedlings. When it's time, transfer them straight to the soil - they're biodegradable!!

Newspaper Pots Take a sheet of newspaper and fold lengthwise within 1" of the top. Roll newspaper around can. Flip over can and fold in the bottom. Pressed this down FIRMLY. Flip right side up. While still holding newspaper closed, carefully slide out the can. You can then fold down the top of the newspaper so as to not need any tape.

Build your own potting bench with a mix of new and old - by Design Dreams by Anne, featured on I Love That Junk