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Anthro Luya Bib Necklace Knockoff -

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of Anthro Necklace Week – I hope you’ve been enjoying the week! This season’s necklaces at Anthropologie are so different, lots of fun styles! And one of the best parts about doing knockoffs – you can tweak the ideas and come up with your own...
  • Jessica Parkins

    Anthro Luya Bib Necklace Knockoff »Flamingo Toes #diy #necklace

  • xiaowei

    anthro lya bib necklace knockoff (diy tutorial)

  • Createsie

    DIY Anthro Luya Bib Necklace Knockoff : DIY Jewelry DIY Necklace

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DIY Anthro Chained Lace Bib Knockoff Materials You’ll Need: 2 – 3 ring connectors (I found these in an earring findings kit) Chain – 34″ 3/8″ wide Velvet Ribbon – about 2 1/2 yards or so 1 1/2″ wide (or so) Lace – 16″ Jump rings – lots. You’ll need 6 mm and 8 mm. Rhinestone Trim – 16″ Matching thread, needle round-nosed pliers, wire cutters

Anthro Knockoff – Into the Woods Necklace Trying her suggestion of black beads and satin ribbon with a cameo

A designer knock-off. A bit time-consuming, but OH SO EASY, and inexpensive, too. Anthro Necklace Week - Petalouda Necklace »Flamingo Toes

Anthropologie-esque party animal necklace tutorial I don't have great luck with the glue stuff to other stuff, add chain school of jewelry making, but I want to have another go of it

I don't like the bead colors, but I like how the clear and silver beads almost look like silver chain