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Straight Jacket inspiration - Hermia

I want to wear a straight jacket with a white mohawk! YES!!!

Straight coat


Child's Straight Jacket hangs on display.

Victorian straight jacket and mask .

Straight jacket....x

Harry Houdini escaping.

Fantasy Fiend Perfume Oil - Straight Jacket - 5ml Bottle. A heavenly blend of cheesecake, buttery graham crack crust, and ripe bananas. $15 - click on the photo for a direct link - http://goreydetails.net/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info=196_224_id=2525

Straight jacket worn by Houdini

RARE Victorian Mental Hospital Straight Jacket Insane Asylum Sanatorium Mental

I have wanted an authentic antique straight jacket forever. Sadly, they would usually burn them when they were through. meh


straight jacket IT'S illegal to use these in WASHINGTON STATE..... BUT RESTRAINT CHAIRS AND BEDS ARE NOT..... just follow the law because most people will not "have your back" if something goes wrong..... From personal experience I know this.....

This Victorian straight jacket complies with the correct time and place that one would acquire when placed in such an environment.

straight jacket - Google Search

Ozzy Osbourne x Converse Straight Jacket Jack Purcell High | KicksOnFire


straight jacket...sometimes i feel i need one and not just as part of a halloween costume.

Straight jacket by Deviney, via Dreamstime

Institutionalized Straight Jacket Shrug - Handmade to Your Size - aNGrYGiRL Gear