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When we lived in Kenya, giraffe's crossing the road was a "normal thing". One night when we went to the airport in our tiny, economy car, one crossed the road in front of us. Fortunately, the timing worked in our favor as we surely would've been killed if we had run into the giraffe.

Utshani obulele buvuswa wumlilo... Ngizovuka-nje mina | The dry dead grass is made young and green by fire... I will be re-awakened and reborn. ~Johnny Clegg

♂ Amazing nature wildlife photography lion couple green world Kenya Africa

Broccoli tree and giraffe, Kenya. » Highest on my list at the moment. @Jodi Ettenberg, your pins make me want to eat and travel! Thank you for being a part of #PinUpLive!!

Tharaka tribe girl with a grass skirt, Kenya

African elephants, Kenya - Elephants are herbivores and they can be found in numerous habitats, including savannas, forests, deserts and marshes, and prefer to stay near water. Elephants are considered to be keystone species due to the impact they have on their environments.

sometimes I think about going to Kilimanjaro, Kenya, sometimes you just feel like being alone, getting away from everybody

When a Lion wakes up in the morning he is usually hungry... and no one brings him food.

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