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Pure Honey is actually one of the easiest and best ways to exfoliate your face into glow. Just put some on after a shower when the skin had been soaked for a while and let it sot for 10 minutes.

Our Bee Room with Have Honey, Lip balms, body lotions, hair clips, bee's wax products galore- so awesome!

honey- Wouldn't it be neat to actually go out and collect the honey comb from the trees and then get to eat it ? yepp its going on my to do list

hey honey 1 tsp. honey... 1 tsp. cinnamon... glass of warm water... mix...drink... good for you!!!

دِراسة: شرب الماء المخلوط بالعسل الطبيعي يُزَوّد العقل بالطاقة ويرفع نسبة التركيز خلال سبع دقائق فقط. Dr. Abdullah M. Almutawa

Знаменитый башкирский мёд! По своим целебным и вкусовым качествам, уникальному составу микроэлементов этот мёд не имеет аналогов в мире.

Sweet tastes can nourish the skin and strengthen bones and tissue. Kapha should keep to the minimum.