• Rosemary Riess

    I loved going all over Hawaii to see the places where the tv show Lost was filmed.

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LOST (best TV show EVER if you ignore the last couple episodes of the last season, basically it turn the whole series in a big fat waste..)

lost tv show... One of the saddest tv deaths ever, Charlie :'( OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONT DIE CHARLIE!!!!!!! I cried for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desmond from Lost ~ Calm, cool & Pleasant, he is a great example of foreign "beefcake" I actually thought he was very handsome, reminded me of years ago on General Hospital of Robert Serpico. I don't know why.

Hurley is one of my favorites!! I met him at a San Jose comic-con awhile ago.

Lost. the best tv show with Breaking Bad for me.

lost tv show | Tumblr

island of Maui, Hawaii... When I saw I was thinking this looks like a beach we went to in Hawaii... Oh how I'm in love with that place.

lost - charlie, sayeed,sun,sawyer, jack and kate

Lost - One of the most fascinating TV series I have ever had the opportunity to watch!

Sun, Kate, Jin on the lost tv show