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Wrap It Up! How Tos from the Container Store

This past weekend we were at the Container Store picking up a few last minute gifts for our blog colleagues when we were recruited by a group of women giving a demo on how to make your own fancy bows. Initially skeptical, we were completely won over after making our first bow!...
  • Sherry Gaines

    Organdy ribbon bow tutorial along with a bunch of others from the Container Store.

  • Hishama Hashim

    How to make a pom pom bow from tulle. #howto #diy #pompom #bow #arts #crafts #ideas

  • Emmeline Capps

    How to make a pom pom bow (and a link to the container stores' gift wrapping guide!)

  • Sylvia Sommerhauser

    how to make a pom pom bow from tulle. (This is the way my Mama taught me how to make a bow.) :-)

  • Brianna Hamm

    How to make a pom pom bow from tulle...this is how groomers make bows

  • Susan Schantz

    how to make a pom pom bow from tulle.. perfect gift bow!

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