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"This website is full of great organizational tips and tricks. 52 weeks =52 projects WARNING: Start looking through this website and you will get sucked in for an hour or more. I could have cleaned up a lot in that hour."

Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativityfrom Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Good To Know: Lifehacking Tips & Tricks

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Learn how to completely organize your Project Life supplies and projects on A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS

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Latex Caulk

Good old Martha taught us that rather than buying those ridiculously expensive anti-slip mats for a rug, just turn it over and run a few lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Let dry and flip over and your rug wont be going anywhere!

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Cereal container = great trash can for your car.... man this website is freaking awesome. tons of tips and tricks that made me think. why didnt i think of that!

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This is a website with every kind of container you could want and they are very inexpensive.

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All kinds of free printable documents--shopping lists, Christmas planners, various budgets, calendars and all kinds of home management lists. Love this!

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This is the greatest idea ! Use a magazine rack ($3-$4 at Walmart) ...tip it on its' side and put your pantry cans in it !! Brilliant !!

The WHOotfrom The WHOot

Miracle Laundry Whitener Uses 4 Simple Ingredients

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Miracle Whitener

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Martha Stewartfrom Martha Stewart

Clothespin Memo Rack


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Cute little easy project.

I'm an Organizing Junkiefrom I'm an Organizing Junkie

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How to Make Weekly Household Purges Happen Some of the best and most inspirational organizational advice I've read so far!! And, so easy and painless!!

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Where do you start when you're organizing? Here are easy and GREAT tips to help you know what to do...

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organizational tips...LUV!


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Pinner said "DIY Plate Rack...tension rods turned vertical"

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{The Organized Housewife} 20 Days to Organize and Clean your Home. Starting January 1st!!! **maybe I should look into this. Pin now, read later.

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What a clever idea!

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How to edit a wardrobe that makes sense

Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativityfrom Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Tips & Tricks To Make Life Easier


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Tips & Tricks To Make Life Easier! | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity