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    7 ways to make the most of your time while they are little. This is truly an amazing read for mama's!

    10 Things Children Will Always Remember and that we should never forget. Great post......i love love love it!

    Love this! 7 Ways to get closer to your kids and be a more efficient mom. So cute. I want to start these now!

    10 secrets to having a calmer happier family life. Love how practical these are!

    200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood. This list melted my heart!

    Stay-At-Home Mom... LOVE these tips! I hope I'm blessed enough to be a SAHM, but that would be hard since I freaking LOVE my job!

    Good read

    10 Compliments Your Kids Need to Hear. This is an awesome list whenever opportunity presents itself, and with this list, I may just do it even more often!

    every mom should print these out and hang them on her wall for inspiration! YES to all of them, but esp. #4 and #11. #kids #parenting #positive

    The Latched Mama Hoodie, for breastfeeding moms

    21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child! some of these are really clever ideas....I will definitely be trying some of these

    The Talk - First Day of School Speech. Perfect..every parent should give this to their child. Wonderful perspective on what's most important.

    10 Ways to Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

    Every child needs to grow up money-smart. This site help guide parents and educators on what age groups should know at their age.

    I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo.

    7 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem in your Kids - Preschool and Kindergarteners

    Great article about entitlement-As soon as your kids are capable of doing jobs, take the time to teach them to do the jobs and then gracefully hold them responsible to follow through.

    grounded letter - If You're Not Grounding Your Kids Like This Mom, You're Doing It Wrong | The Stir

    This parent is awesome. Love this....

    Children thrive on repetition and routine. Traditions don’t need to be fancy to be exciting. family game night. dessert. pancake day. schedule in 15 min per kid per day just for play. birthdate date night. Each month on the number of their birthdate, each child gets a special date night. Making the most of my time means including them as I complete my to-do list… well worth it. Time together in the car. Meals need to be unplugged! Read books, sings songs, talk, but turn off the TV.