Liv Rundgren Tyler 35 in Am. actress/model unbelievable beauty from ugly-ass but great character Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) & Bebe Buell (model/singer) sublimely gorgeous in roles: Onegin with ralph fiennes) Stealing Beauty w/ joseph fiennes)

Liv Tyler

Welcome to Loving Liv Tyler! Liv Tyler (born July is an American actress, best known for her role as Arwen in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Janis Joplin. American singer in the 60'es. She was a rock legend and hippie. I know her from the hit "Mercedes Benz". She played on Woodstock Festival in 1968. In 1970 she died from an overdose of heroin, only 27 years old.

Cronología y evolución del rock años 60

Janis Joplin quotes - I thought no one could stop us. I was your Johnny Depp, you was my Janis Joplin. Read more quotes and sayings about Janis Joplin.

Be matter what they say

I loved her in Stealing Beauty, Armageddon & Inventing the Abbotts and also the iconic music video 'Crazy' by her father Steve Tyler

Liv Tyler - she's lovely. Hubby thinks she's gorg too.

Face Time

Black and white photos of actresses, focusing on the creative and unique aspect and structure of the photo itself and the person being photographed. Black & White Actors Ask me Anything/Make a Request

Liv Tyler by Signe Vilstrup for Pilgrim Autumn 2007

I absolutely adore Liv Tyler (girl crush anyone?) so classy and beautiful! I love her bangs xx