portman in closer

Closer (2004)

Still from the movie "Closer". It's an incredible movie - dark and angry, but definitely worth watching!

my vagabond muse ..... Uschi Obermaier (played by natalia avelon in the movie "das wilde leben") http://madeausynot.blogspot.fr/2014/12/die-uschi.html

my summer muse . Uschi Obermaier (played by natalia avelon in the movie "das wilde leben")

"Decent ? Me ?"   Rita Hayworth, dans Gilda

mabelmoments: Gilda, 1946 Ballin Mundson: Gilda, are you decent? Gilda: Me? [long pause] Gilda: Sure. I’m decent.

Love Quotes From 'The Notebook' | YourTango

8 Swoon-Worthy Love Quotes From 'The Notebook'

Greatest Ever Movie Couples: Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) in The Notebook

The crownless again shall be king.

stylish and graphically violent. what a movie /// Léon: The Professional

Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola | 26 Fascinating Polaroids Of Celebrities

Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola

Lost in Translation // Bill Murray, Sofia Coppola // "It's sometimes said of an actor that we can't see him acting. I can't even see him not acting. He seems to be existing, merely existing, in the situation created for him by Sofia.

"I'm sure you're aware why I wished you to come here. Because it would make me happier than anything, too happy really, if you would agree to what I wish."  "And stay with you?"  "And stay with me."   "And marry you?"   "And marry me!"  - The Young Victoria

Emily Blunt & Rupert Friend make an adorable Victoria & Albert in 'The Young Victoria', 2009