oldschool skateboard designs

The color in this design such as the blue bring out and compliment the panther, pink and yellow in the piece. Has nice shading through out the board.

SMA Old School Natas Panther 3 Re-Issue Deck Skateboard

Natas Panther 3 Re-Issue

Best Day Never — Sick Old School Skateboards

Collection of old skateboard decks Tony Hawk - Natas - Gator - Caballero - Santa Cruz -

Ray Barbee Powell & Peralta pro-model 1988

VA Skateboards is a collection of NOS Skateboards from the mid 80 s to the beginning of the 90 s

My first pro deck, battled to decide between this and the Grosso acid tongue... Natas prevailed and I ended up owning 2 of these.

Natas Kaupas pro model by Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards: Decks: 8.375in x 31.475in Decay Hand Deck

Santa Cruz Skateboards: Decks: x Decay Hand Deck

Powell 31.875" Caballero Ban This Skateboard Deck

Powell Caballero Ban This Skateboard Deck

OG Slasher from the 80s Jim Phillips

Jimbo is by far a fav board graphic designer. my first fav board, the pink slasher was one of the first to have a "wrapped" design.

Christian Hosoi Santa Cruz Hammerhead Collage Skateboard Deck Vintage 1988 | eBay

nos christian hosoi santa cruz hammerhead collage skateboard deck vintage 1988

Natas Kaupas - The 50 Greatest Skateboards of The 1990s | Complex UK

The 50 Greatest Skateboards of The 1990sCrazy Cat

We hit up two savvy collectors to take us through the most memorable deck graphics from the

Old School Skateboard

As a child, I remember my older brothers going to skate, and I used to find those skateboards pretty awesome. It's incredible how those old school skateboard designs were so darn cool.

Anti Hero Taylor Resurgens 8.06 Skateboard Deck

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Grosso Alice in Wonderland - one of my favorite decks I ever owned

Grosso Alice in Wonderland - Santa Cruz Skateboards

Flip Penny Cheech And Chong 8.0 P2 Skateboard Deck - rasta - Skate Shop > Skateboard Parts > Skateboard Decks > Standard Skateboard Decks

Flip - Tom Penny Cheech and Chong.

Christian Hosoi · (1987) hermosa tabla, altos recuerdos

Christian Hosoi · my first "new" board I ever had =) Happy birthday to me!

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