April Fool's Day Here I Come!

You don't say...?

I would have that in a room in my house.

Pinterest Gone Wrong

So wrong.

April fools!!! oh wow! Lmao! Although it probably wouldn't be funny if someone did this to me!!

"Bras We Have Known, Illustrated" by Kat Rosenfield...this is probably one of the funniest thing's I've seen.

Oh my Gosh I die every single time

Look Twice - especially at #11 :)

Amazing - perhaps a funny gift idea

The Ketchup Prank- great April Fools Day Prank!

Funny pictures

20 best cubicle pranks. The guys at work are gonna hate me!!!

Awesome father daughter photos! :)

God bless Whose Line

Can't. stop. laughing.

Like, seriously, everything. | 19 April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Easily Make Yourself

awesome prank