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    • 2 Eggs, large

    Baking & Spices

    • 1/2 cup All-purpose flour
    • 1 Pepper if you like it
    • 1 dash Salt


    • 15 oz Farmers cheese

    Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi recipe on Could use Lithuanian cheese to make Lithuanian "gnocchi"

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    • dsrtstrx *

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi (if you can't find Farmer Cheese, simply use drained cottage cheese.)

    • Ana Edson

      Wondering how hard it could be to make this recipe gluten free when there's "just" 1/2 cup of flour. Ha, ha... famous last words. Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi recipe posted on

    • colleen mw

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi recipe on / I bet you could make these low-carb by substituting the regular flour for coconut flour, soy flour or lupin flour!

    • alexa

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi recipe on Could use Lithuanian cheese to make Lithuanian "gnocchi"

    • Pobre Tomat

      Food52--Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi (Farmers Cheese is unripened and crumbly, like a dry cottage cheese)

    • Tianna

      FARMER CHEESE GNOCCHI - "What: Soft little dumplings, made with just cheese, salt, and flour. How: Mix your cheese, salt, and flour, form into balls, and boil. Why We Love It: These dumplings are humble food at its finest: easy, quick, and deeply satisfying. Served plain with a little salt and sour cream, it's hard not to fall in love with them. Similar to potato gnocchi or flour dumplings, they're really just salty little balls of creamy cheese. And that is a very good thing."

    • Liz Money

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi- Farmer's cheese is my favorite cheese ever.

    • Karine Koo

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi Must. try. this.

    • Catharina Reese

      Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi |

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