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  • Bianka Ramirez

    I DEFINITELY volunteer ;) My cousin sent me this, she knows me too well! #JoshHutcherson

  • Blanca Martinez

    Josh Hutcherson babies? I VOLUNTEER @Deanna Duvall sounds about right? Lol

  • Gena Cody

    I CALL DIBS ON JOSH HUTCHERSON! he is my future husband :)

  • Emily

    The Hunger Games #humor #funny #jennifer lawrence #josh hutcherson #peeta #katniss #hunger games

  • Ashley Doran

    Josh Hutcherson. true story

  • Malena Vandezande

    I'm not a huge josh hutcherson fan or anything but this is so funny

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"I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it."- Holly Golightly Best movie ever.

"BOING!". Just realized we don't have a single one of these in our house. Oh, what my children are missing out on! Lol

SO glad someone made this - whoever thinks that a guy worth marrying is someone who will pause a video game to text you bak you are either (a) a child (b) stupid (c) insecure (d) seriously have no self worth (e) all of the above.

When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she's using the same time scale a guy is when he says the game has 5 minutes left.

I want to see Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence act this out. OMG, YES!

So true -- I've come up with so many great ones for others I can only imagine what karma hit me with behind my back.

I realize that I am highly educated and have an expansive vocabulary, but sometimes the most appropriate thing to say is OMG!!

All these people commenting about invisible disabilities... I have severe fibromyalgia and I still think this is funny. Relax and have a sense of humor.

WHY can't PINTEREST be my job? I'm so good at it. @ Heidi McCracken