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    Money money money *MONEY*

    My dream!

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    bucket list

    This is checked off my bucket list, but I wanna do it again :)

    Michael White This summer my love :)

    I would like to do this in a NYC Taxi only🚖 I've been in a Taxi before in Austin TX, but, even though I lived in NY, I never rode in a NYC Taxi before. Bucket List item for sure...

    For a very long time, check plus but now.....I def. need my bucket list thing to say get body into shape that will keep you feeling confident in bikini for rest of life. I have gotten so fat.

    bucket list

    Yeah you really are!! All the things I want to do.. I want to do them with you!! So my little bucket list.. Im ready to check you off because youre mine!!!

    Win the Lottery.


    Well, someday when I'm rich and famous...

    I should say, reach a healthy weight for me but all in all I just want to reach my weight that works for me and I feel good about!

    Paris, France is beautiful. Loved the Eiffel Tower.

    bucket list


    Disney cruise is about to get checked off my list 💜💜💜💜💜