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  • Shellie Scates

    Cast Away - Don't know if there's a Tom Hanks movie that I haven't loved

  • Cindy Smith

    Top of the list of my favorite movies. Must see. Tom Hanks shows he's an amazing actor.

  • Manfred Rottschäfer

    Cast Away 2000 Director Robert Zemeckis pulls out all the stops in creating a film that has you yearning for the tormented main characters to reunite. When reality sets in it's more heart breaking and difficult to endure than anyting Hanks's character faced on the deserted island all those years.

  • Maureena Myers

    Cast Away. When this first came out and I saw the trailer for this, I thought "what was Tom Hanks thinkin." Well, he was thinkin this will be another great movie of his and he was right. Who knew... this is really, really good. Wilson!!!!

  • Kim Ruth

    Cast Away. Don't watch this before going on a plane trip. Robert Zemeckis directed this so I had high expectations and I was not let down. Tom Hanks gave a great performance as Chuck. He is a great hero you are rooting for the entire film and they made some really realistic choices with the plot. Side note: Fed-Ex received amazing advertising for this film. Rating 4.5/5

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