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  • Jess Howes

    #lyrics #sleepingwithsirens #sws #band

  • Loz Johnson

    Liar liar liar you pay for your sins. So tell me how does it feel? how does it feel to be like you? i think your mouth should be quiet because it never tells the truth. So tell me why? why does it have to be this way? why cant things ever change? Sleeping With Sirens Lyrics. Absolutely love Sleeping with Sirens

  • Kameron B

    With ears to see and eyes to hear sleeping with sirens lyrics

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with ears to see and eyes to hear. sleeping with sirens. ♥

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"Don't point the blame when you can't find nothing, look to yourself and you might find something, it's time that we sorted out, all of the things we complain about." ~Scene Two: Roger Rabbit, SWS, Kellin Quinn

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