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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics 1.0.1 - includes what kids should know at certain ages and some activities to do.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics 1.0.1

Make phonics phones out of PVC pipes to help students hear themselves speak. | 19 Inexpensive DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

Classroom DIY: DIY Phonics Phones-pvc pipe, pvc elbow and duct tape to make them cute!

Swat the Sound - I say a letter, word, or sound, and they have to swat the correct alphabet card with the fly swatter

Small group here we come! Swat the Sound - I say a letter, word, or sound, and they have to swat the correct alphabet card with the fly swatter. So much fun!

I love this "Shake of the Day" for CVC words and the special student of the day gets a 'smartie' for shaking a CVC word :)

Shake of the Day: CVC; shake all vowels; shake 2 words that rhyme; shake a picture and the letter of the beginning sound of that picture; Addition or Subtraction; 3 numbers in a row-example 3 dots / 3 / three

Consonant Digraph Garden. A literacy activity and craft in one.

Consonant Digraph Garden

Help children learn consonant digraphs (/th/, /sh/, /ch/) with this fun flower activity! Students can work independently or as a class to build a classroom "garden"

Race Car Blending.  Such a fun way of learning to blends sounds!  Great for small group instruction.

Race Car Blending and 7 other activities for teaching segmenting and blending. However NOT phonemic awareness activity (as stated on image) because visual letters are represented. is actual phonics awareness activity.

Making Words! - write these consonants on index cards - B,C,F,H,M,P,R,S,D. Write a bunch off blends on addition cards: -at, -ig, -og, -an, and -it.  Tell the kiddo he is a jumping bean and each time you give him a letter card, he has to jump on as many word matches for it that he can find.

Jumping Bean Phonics

Jumping Bean Phonics: Put word endings on floor. Kids hold a letter, jump on ending sounds to make a word.

Phonics 2.  "Meet Our Sound Muncher".  Children will work independently or with a buddy using ABC flashcards to review letter sounds.  Procedure to follow with each card:  say the letter name, say the sound it makes, say a word that begins with the sound.  The students will "feed" the sound muncher their card if they are correct.

sound muncher for phonics. at the beginning of the week, introduce a specific skill.throughout the week, students can write a word down and stick it inside of the sound muncher if it has that sound/spelling. On Fridays, pull out and read the words.

use wikki sticks to find the target letter-You could find words, nouns, verbs, etc.

blow up pages from books and have kids circle target letters using wikki sticks (or laminate and use dry erase)